rkdesigns.de goes online

After ten years it was neccesary to redesign my old homepage fakegravity.de. Not only for optical but also for user-optimized reasons.
rkdesigns.de offers a modern interface with new functions. Now you can write comments, give likes, use the integrated search function or contact me directly.
Currently, I’m filling rkdesigns.de with the contents of fakegravity.de. Most of the old works I’m reworking, for new resolutions or optically better design. The integration into the social media will also play a major role, since future works will often be in collaboration with other artists. Via the links in the articles you can reach their private pages.

Please note that some functions aren’t working properly yet. Votings aren’t possible yet and the display of the views and search is still incorrect. The transfer of the pictures from fakegravity.de isn’t completed yet as well. I’ll inform you about all the new features.

RK – Romano Kernchen